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    team building

    We're not saying you'll become the most popular manager if we do a whiskey tasting for your staff...

    Well ok, we are.

    hotels and B&B's

    Give your guests another reason to enjoy their stay: a whisky tasting.


     Have a tasting event for your dining patrons.


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    Why we do this

    Simple: to dispel the notion that all whiskeys smell (and taste) like the insides of your grandfather's never-washed gumboots.  
    They don't.  (The whiskies we mean).  
    And with one of our whiskey sessions, you too will realize that this ill-scented impression has no basis in fact.  Probably started by an angry non-whiskey distiller.  Not that we're starting rumours or anything.


    But, "Wait!", you say.  

    Whiskey is for hipsters...  and monocled, moustached ascot wearing aristocrats... or bearded and extra-girthed motorcycle club members... blues singers... country singers... rock and roll musical groups... tax-evading hillbillies... brooding authors... heavily accented, kilt-sporting, tam wearing chieftains, right?  Well, perhaps.  But whiskey's range is so diverse, there is a whiskey for most everyone's legal palate.  Explore and discover yours with one of Dram Straight's whisky sessions.


    CONTACT US for a tasting session.

    You're in the Ottawa area?  Perfect.  So are we.  Give us the inside dope:  is this a party with friends... celebrating a corporate takeover... want to find what the big deal is about this whiskey thing anyway... or perhaps you want explore this rich, delicious and history-soaked creation?  Drop us a line and let's set something up.  

    Orleans, Ontario


    email:  info@dramstraight.ca

    Tel: 613-769-5857



    While it's always Noon somewhere, we suggest having your whisky session anytime after Noon in the Ottawa area.

    Oh, and yes, Dram Straight is Smart Serve Certified.

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    Success! Message received.

    "Renaud from Dram Straight is a whiskey mentor of the finest caliber. 

    I recently had the pleasure of experiencing his 2 hour tutorial on

    American whiskies.  I never realized there was so much variety,

    complexity and history to this wonderful drink.   Renaud's encyclopedic knowledge, his wit and his warmth made the two hours fly by and

    I left with a thirst to discover more.  I can't wait until the next whisky session with Dram Straight on Highland Whiskies."



    Please enjoy responsibly but spread the word with methodical abandon.