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A Few notes about our whisky reviews, music pairings and other musings.

Whisky and music.

We love to explore both equally.  That's because, to us, they're both are full of notes:  loud ones, subtle ones, expressive ones, bold ones, sweet ones, lingering ones, fleeting ones...  And we love the savour them all.  So, this is how our reviews work: we explore the whisky for its notes and write what we found.  Then, we scour our music library to find a song to pair it up with.  Are tastes subjective?  Hell yeah.  Are our tastes subjective?  Probably hell yeah as well.  But that's another cool thing about whisky and music:  everyone's experiences with both are their own.  So grab a dram, grab the headphones and turn it up.  Finally, our tongues, ears and noses are the authors of the reviews and suggestions you'll read.  And we'd love to hear yours.


"the more you like music, the more music you'll like with whisky"

Please enjoy responsibly but with added volume.