What in the world?

There's a lot more to that whisky you just poured in your glass.  A few hundred years ago, it is thought, some brave, seafaring Irish monks brought the secret of distillation of this aqua vitae alchemy stuff over from France.  
​And now?  

Whiskey (and/or whisky) is being created in over a dozen countries and sold all over the world.  
What are the differences between Irish Whiskey and Scotch?  Or Canadian Rye and American Rye?  Is Jack Daniels a bourbon or not?  Why are so many songs written about whisky... and whiskey?​
Sample some answers to your questions with a Dram Straight whiskey session.


Whiskey learning

There's more to whisky than grain, water and yeast.  There's science, terroir, alchemy, history, myths, tastings... but no final quizzes.