Brown Sugar

Updated: Nov 27, 2018

reviewing Niagara Falls' Craft Distilled Maple Whisky.

With the growth of the Canadian whisky industry, distilleries have expanded their traditional repertoire of expression by introducing blends infused with flavours like: apple, honey, vanilla and pumpkin. Truth be told, we, up til now, hadn't tried any. Whiskies are already imbued with hundreds of flavour compounds already; however, that, we felt in the end, wasn't a good reason to not explore this new vein of whisky expression. So we dove into a Glen Cairn that featured Niagara Falls Craft Distilled Maple Whisky.

The warm, chestnut brown colour warmed us up, so to speak for our first nosing.

The notes were deep and rich. It's as if walking in to a small town bakery.

The sweet maple presence was front and centre but not cloyingly sweet. And while the notes like toffee, bread pudding and sugar pie were side by side, they didn't mask the whisky but rather, let them come up in a more reserved way.

The whisky wasn't letting the maple take centre stage so much as it let the maple be introduced first in our nosing slash tasting. The whisky notes seemed quite content to play supporting roles.

The maple whisky coated our tongue smoothly with its sweetness which was prominent. But after the maple left to go down the throat, it let the whisky come back for a curtain call to say good night. It didn't linger too long but then sometimes you don't want a whisky to overstay its welcome.

Our pairing suggestion:

Canada does maple syrup exceptionally well. Canada also does whisky exceptionally well.

Here's your chance to explore both at once. We did with NFCD's Maple whisky. And will again.

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