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Reviewing Shelter Point's Artisanal Single Malt Whisky

This is the sequel, or part two, of the Shelter Point reviews as we explored the Montfort District and the Artisanal Single Malt during the same sitting.

This is our third Shelter Point expression we've explored and each one is markedly and deliciously different. As we wrote in the last review, each whisky should have a story to tell and that story should be told in its on way. The Artisanal Single Malt follows that approach.

At first nosing, the conversation in direct and to the point: it's an ocean breeze carrying wafts of tropical notes like pineapple and coconut.

But this story doesn't stop there. Malt and cereal notes are the supporting actors here, always present, always keeping things moving forward which allows all those other notes to appear, whether briefly or lingeringly.

This whisky develops elegantly... and isn't in a rush to make its point. Like the other expressions, the Artisanal Single Malt has plenty to say so give your nose all the time it needs to get it all.

There's a tangy spice on the tongue as we approach the finish: light, sparkly, not effervescent but sprightly which dissolves nicely into a warm, feel good ending.

Our pairing suggestion:

Some stories come out blockbuster like: a lot of presence, a lot of noise... big production. And that's great. Sometimes, we're in the mood for that. Shelter Point's stories, in the expressions we tasted, including this one, are deep, rich and evocative. These are stories you don't want to rush. These are stories where you want to discover its layers, subtleties and nuances. All good stories have a beginning, middle and an end. While you may be in the middle of a good whisky story right now, start a new one with Shelter Point's Artisanal Single Malt.

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