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Updated: Oct 29, 2018

Reviewing Shelter Point's Montfort District Lot 141.

So... imagine being at movie. The theatre is full. The lights haven't dimmed yet so. everyone in the crowd is talking at once... and yet you can hear what everyone has to say. You can pick up every conversation clearly. We'll get back to that point.

To us, there are two things about a whisky's story that are key: what it has to say and how it says it.

The "what" of Shelter Point's Montfort District Lot 141' story is this: it's a triple distilled, grain to glass single malt aged in American and French oak casks. That's the elevator pitch.

It's a good story line without question... but this story truly comes alive with "how" it's told.

The opening sequence lets us know that this will be an incredibly expressive and evocative whisky: from rich dark chocolates to summertime airy orchard fruit and meadow flower notes.

The influences of the both barrel choices come through in this story: the American oak brings out the honey, nutty and chocolaty notes. The French oak responds in kind with fruit, cinnamon and caramel notes.

Now, remember that bit about being able to hear every conversation? There's a lot going on in this story; but here's the thing: it's an expressive whisky but it's not noisy. Each note gets its chance to bring what it has to say to the story. Every nosing brings up something new.

This is done masterfully well, thanks to the 46% abv.

Truthfully, we kind of got lost just in nosing this whisky that we had re remind ourselves: "Oh right - we have to taste it".

Things get a little spicy when the whisky glides over the tongue. It's ephemeral and brings the story to a delicious crescendo; however, the essence of this story lingers warmly and at length.

This whisky story is beautifully textured, where all the character notes, big or small, get a chance to shine.

Shelter Point, we feel, have produced a delicious story indeed. And like all good stories, it's one you love to return to.

Our pairing suggestion:

We all need a little shelter and Point's Montfort District Lot 141 is one worth seeking; however, it has a limited engagement of only 1224 bottles. So, you'd best get a good seat in front of this dram before it sells out.

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