Book Some Time With Whisky

The only thing as good as putting your feet up with a good dram... is putting your feet up reading about a good dram.

Below are a few suggestions to start, continue and put an exclamation mark on your whisky reading journey. While enjoying your whiskey is pleasure enough, finding out more, we feel, will only add to your enjoyment. Plus, think how impressed others will be when you'll be able to wax seamlessly and knowledgeably about whisky. Heck - you may even write a... blog?

Anyway, all the books are personal suggestions and haven't been put forward for any compensation in return. We just want to share.

This first set feature some great primers to get your feet wet.

The second set will expand your knowledge as those books go deeper as they introduce you to the world of whisky from 4 of the big 5: Canada, the US, Scotland and Ireland.

Getting into the third set, these books, are great whisky table books but now move into the more encyclopedic approach on the subject of whisky.

Just a note regarding the 1001 Whiskies You Must Try Before You Die: enjoy actually trying 1 to 1000. Take all the time you need between 1000 and 1001.

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