Your Whisky Exploration Tool Kit

Updated: Oct 25, 2018

So... you have your glass and you have your whisky to explore.


Here are a few other things in you can put in your whisky tool kit to augment as well as record your whisky tasting experience.

WHISKY WHEEL - you can find these on the interweb. These can help you pinpoint those scents you can't quite put your finger. You can find them for Bourbon, Canadian and Scotch whiskies.

DISTILLED WATER - for two reasons. One - your first sip we suggest you enjoy neat. Your second, or maybe third, add a few drops of water. This will help coax out some of the other bashful notes. The second reason, after you're done tasting one whisky, take a sip to cleanse your tongue before moving on to the next whisky.

PIPETTE - to help you add a couple of drops at a time. You can always add more to your whisky but you can't remove the water you added. This is an easy way to be judicious with your water and add how much you want to your please your palate.

DARK CHOCOLATE - after taking a sip of your whisky, take a bite from a piece of bitter, dark chocolate. Yum.

WHISKY JOURNAL - this isn't about going all whisky nerd - ok, maybe a bit - but chances are you won't remember everything about every whisky you taste.

It's perfect to record what you see, nose and taste from the subtle to the obvious.

Besides, the journal, filled with your handwritten details, looks pretty cool next to your whisky bottles.

It's not that you must or should have these; however, we feel they will only add to your enjoyment of your whisky. Cheers and Slainte.

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