As Tears Go By.

Updated: Dec 6, 2018

Reviewing Writers' Tears Copper Pot Irish Whiskey.

You're at a party. You don't know anyone. Then, a mutual friend introduces you to someone and you hit it off like gangbusters. The conversation is easy going, no fuss, no muss. Just effortless back and forth. That's the beauty of Writers' Tears.

Writers' Tears Copper Pot is a blend of single malts and single pot still whiskeys, triple distilled and aged in ex-bourbon casks.

If ever there was a whisky (or, in this case, whiskey) to introduce you to particular style, Writers' Tears is the ideal companion to get you discover Irish Whiskey. The introduction is easy, airy, light and welcoming. Thanks to its unique blend of single malts and pot still whiskies, and to the triple distillation, which makes this whiskey "lighter".

The nose is a fragrant sweet confection: a liquid version of a "Hi, My Name Is _______" name tag. This isn't so much about complexities and coaxing out the subtleties hidden underneath. It's simply a well presented, approachable, easy-to-get-into dram. But that simplicity doesn't mean "simplistic". This whiskey is beautifully balanced. It's not a noisy or busy whisky - It's direct and to the point. And, the aromas and the alcohol that carries them are superbly integrated.

Tasting Writers' Tears is a continuation of that introduction. Again, it's a pleasant "Hello, this is Irish Whiskey" introduction for the tongue and back of the throat.

So, back to the beginning of this story: the next day after the party, you tell your circle of friends about the acquaintance you met. How easy going, good natured, warm, inviting, friendly, approachable and top top it off, had a cool name to boot.

That's Writers' Tears.

Our pairing suggestion:

Your exploration into Irish whiskeys will undoubtedly lead you to other brands and other expressions. And that's what Writers' Tears will do: open the door for you.

Introduce you to new experiences. You may even not see Writers' Tears for a while after that. But when you do see each other again, you can be assured that the greeting you'll get will be just as warm and approachable as the first time you met. Because, that's what friends do.

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